October, 4 2010
Jhene Erwin was awarded a prestigious Artists Trust GAP Grant in the area of media arts in order to complete her short film The House I Keep.



Check out Jhene's latest project The House I Keep, scheduled to be released in 2011.



Trailer for The House I Keep.



Variety – Brendan Kelly
“Jhene Erwin’s performance is raw, intense and entirely believable…Erwin brings complex shadings to her portrayal of Kirsti, vividly bringing to life the contradictory sides of a woman who veers frequently from raging anger to utter emotional distress.”

Cineaction Magazine – Robin Wood
"The three female stars of The Fishing Trip give performances that are consistently marvelous in characterization, nuance and aliveness, and they play wonderfully to each other as an ensemble -- which is doubtless what, besides the film's intensity, conjured up memories of Bergman. Kirsti (Jhene Erwin), though she never hogs the show, gave me another epiphany. There is a sequence around the film's midpoint where she is simply walking down a country road against dense woods, telling her sister Jessie (Melissa Hood), who is off screen for much of the sequence, about the continuing consequences of her childhood trauma (raped by her stepfather): a series of long takes which she sustains magnificently. What suddenly came into my head was "My god, we have a potential Julia Roberts here!" I know opinion is divided on Ms. Roberts (I am among her admirers), and Ms. Erwin may not take this as a compliment. In any case, the resemblance is transient. But what I did see was that elusive phenomenon "star quality", demonstrated in the ability to carry an extended sequence singlehandedly. I could imagine a film written for her and built around her performance."

The Toronto Star
Toronto International Film Festival
“Best performance by a supporting actress in a Canadian movie – Jhene Erwin (The Fishing Trip)”

Prime Time – Rick Overhall
“Every time Jhene Erwin walks on camera – the screen heats to boiling.”

The Globe and Mail
“Jhene Erwin turns in a fine performance as Kirsti, a college student home to face her demons in The Fishing Trip.”